July 16, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
To say that pets are loved is a vast understatement; they become members of the family. If you want to make your pet feel right at home, and help make caring for your pets easier you may want to consider adding some of these feautures to your home.

  • Install a pot filler over the water bowl to make keeping fresh water an easy task.
  • If you have small pets that would not be able to jump up on future without assistance get a ramp to help them easily climb up by you.
  • Use the space under the stairs to make your pet its own little room.
  • Use a built in trash can cabinet to store pet food.
  • This one may not be the most practical addition, but it sure is cute! Fix up the doggie door to look like your own home.
    To see more ideas, and the websites that have come up with these check out our Pinterest board !


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