June 29, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
Do you have someone in your life who is getting settled in their first home? It can be such a fun and exciting time in life. A small gift can mean so much, but sometimes it can be so hard to think of something that will be fitting for the occasion. Have no fear we have compiled some ideas that will be perfect! Whether you are looking for a practical, exciting, big, or small gift there is something on the list for you.

  • Cleaning basket- Fill a basket with some of your favorite cleaners. This will give the homeowners a chance to try out products they may not have ordinarily chosen, and it is a gift they will undoubtedly use.
  • Cookie Jar- Fill the cookie jar with some delicious cookies. This sweet gift will show your thoughtfulness and won't break the bank.
  • A Wax Warmer- When settling into a new home the new owner want to make the home smell like their own scent not anything the seller has left behind. 
  • Custom Coordinates Sign- Who doesn't love a cute sign to hang in their new place?! Especially one with the coordinates of their home to give it a trendy feel. 
  • Recipe Cards- What better way to set someone up in their new home than to share some of your best recipes?!


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