May 17, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
Each year brings distinct trends, whether it's old trends that have come back or new ideas that take root quickly you can bet on something new each year. Some trends are strong enough to last a few years, but sometimes it can be hard to predict what the year's trends will bring. We have put together a list of the trends that will be otter than the 4th of July this summer.

  1. Palm leaves-  The pattern has already started presenting itself in throw pillows, wedding décor, and wall art. This trend definitely gives off the summer vibe and will make you feel like your living at the beach. 
  2. Bold color- Get out of your comfort zone this summer with striking color. While things like paint colors and tile should be something that will stand the test of time, things that are changed often are a great place to get a little crazy with color.
  3. Geometrics- While this trend technically came on the scene last summer it will definitely will make a return this year. 
  4. House plants- While plants in the home never really does go out of style you can expect to see them making even more of a splash this summer (especially succulents).
  5. Gold- While silver has been the dominant metallic for years now gold is slowing stealing the spotlight. The gold and pop of color combination will undoubtedly be a hot trend this summer.
  6. Natural accents- Stone, wood, and as previously mentioned plants will make a huge appearance in home décor this summer. 
  7. Velvet accents- Velvet is a bold accent that adds a nice texture to a room. This trend while expected to be short term will last for the summer of '18.
  8. Fringe- Fringe is a perfect trend if you are just getting your feet wet with trendy décor; you can start with small bits that aren't too risky but will definitely add interest. 
  9. Upcycled furniture- Thanks to HGTV everyone is trying their hand at fixing up beat up furniture and turning it into funky unique show pieces. 
  10. Statement ceilings- That's right you can expect to see trendy taken from floor to ceiling (literally). 


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