May 2, 2018 | Jillie Schrader
Spring has a way of making us realize that our home is a lot like a popped can of biscuits, not enough room and too much stuff. While it is always a good idea to purge the items you no longer need and donate them there are just some things you can't part with. We have compiled a list of some tips and tricks that will help you effectively organize the must-keep items with out them overrunning your home.

1.) Store sheet sets inside on of the pillow cases from the set. This allows you to easily recognize which set it is and keeps the set fro being strewn about.
2.) Store gift wrap rolls in a garment bag and hang it in a closet. This protects the paper from being torn and keeps it all in one place.
3.) Invest in a closet organizer. Nothing helps you organize like having a spot for each type of clothing and the organizers are designed to help you make the absolute most of the space you have.
4.) Use a back of door shoe organizer to store bottles of cleaning products. You would be amazed how much shelf space this simple step can create.
5.) Glue a magnetic strip inside of the drawer in the bathroom. This keeps small items like bobby pins, safety pins, ect. from being scattered all over the drawer.
6.) Store grocery bags inside an old disinfectant wipes container. This contains the bags in a compact manner.
7.) Use a wine rack to hold bath towels. You can easily roll up the towels and place them in a rack that is hung on a wall. It saves space and can be decorative.
8.) Install magazine racks on the side of counters to contain all of the papers and magazines that tend to clutter tables and counters.
9.) Use stick on hooks on bathroom cabinet doors to hold items like curling irons, brushes, hand mirrors.
10.) Turn an old file cabinet on its back and remove drawers to contain items like rakes, shovels, ect.



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