April 19, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
Even though it feels like winter currently, it will be time to spend some time in the garden soon. While gardening makes your home look fresh and bright it can also be a great hobby to help relieve stress. Whether its a flower garden or  a vegetable garden there is just something about getting your hands dirty and spending some time in nature.

First- You need to assemble some tools. You'll need: gardening gloves, a hand shovel, a hand pruner, a hand rake, a garden hose, and at hat or sunscreen to protect your skin. It also may be a good idea to wear knee pads for your comfort.
Second- You will want to choose the lay out of your garden.  Click the links below for a guide on what plants are best accompanied with.
Vegetables Guide
Herb Guide
Third- Prepare the soil. In order to assure good growth you will want to work compost or fertilizer into the soil before planting.
Forth- Start planting and follow up with a consistent watering routine. While giving the plants enough water is very important be sure not to over water.
Fifth- Make sure to regularly pluck weeds out and eliminate pests that may harsh the growth of the plants.
Sixth- You will want to pick the vegetable plants often to maximize production.


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