April 12, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
First impressions are everything especially when it comes to buying a house, so why wouldn't we take every opportunity to add value to it. If you are listing your home you want potential buyers to drive by and think "wow I have got to see more", or maybe you just want to spruce up your home for your own enjoyment either way these tips are for you.
  1. Make a statement with the front door.  
    • While you want the front door to stand out you also want to make sure that its making the right statement.  Consider choosing a pop of color or funky wood.
  2. Install outdoor lighting such as coach lights, or up lights. 
    • Outdoor lighting makes your home feel more grand and stately.  It also discourages burglars. 
  3. Give your mailbox a makeover.
    • A great way to go about this is to replace your old post or add some flowering plants around the base.
  4. Keep shrubbery well trimmed.
    • Freshly trimmed shrubbery will give your home a tidy and well maintained look.
  5.  Freshen up the paint.
    • Whether its shutters, window boxes. or siding nothing makes a home look more appealing than a fresh coat of paint. 
  6. Add shutters or window boxes.
    • Adding these small pops of color can bring a little bit of personality to your home's exterior. 
  7. Upgrade railings.
    • Let buyers know the home is updated before they even step foot inside.
  8. Keep a well maintained lawn. 
    • By keeping your grass freshly mown and driveways and walkways nicely edged your lawn  will look like its professionally maintained.
  9. Keep window glass spot-free.
    • While this might seem like a small detail you want to give buyers the impression that the inside of the home is also thoroughly cleaned. If the home has a messy look from the outside they may never see how well you've kept up the inside.
  10. Finishing touches like a modern looking house number or a wreath on the door.
    • These touches go a long way as far as adding character to the outside of  your home. 


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