March 6, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
Spring is just around the corner.... Finally! With all this warm weather and sunlight also comes the need for some spring cleaning! While this always seems like a daunting task with the right tools and tips you will be feeling stress-free and everything you own will be completely cleaned.  These tips will take you above and beyond a tidy home to a home that could pass the white glove test any day.  

Tip 1: Declutter- while everything in you wants to hold on to that top that was your favorite 3 years ago, but has now fallen victim to a stain, GET RID OF IT.

Tip 2: Find a cleaning schedule that works for you- It can be tempting to clean the entire house in one day so that you can check it off the list, but undoubtedly something is forgotten or not given the proper attention. A cleaning schedule will keep you on track and divide tasks so that no day is too overwhelming, ( Check out our Pinterest board linked at the bottom for some schedules we suggest.)

Tip 3: Invest in the right tools- While cleaning products may seem like the last thing you want to spend money on it is so important. Having the right tools will make it easier to keep your house clean and the tasks will be completed much faster. ( Don't you worry we have a link to a must have cleaning supply list.)  

Tip 4: Find natural solutions instead of harsh chemicals- The whole idea of spring cleaning is making your home a better place to be, and nothing like filling it with harsh chemicals will have the opposite effect. Plus it has never been easier to find natural alternatives! (Linked below)

Tip 5: Don't stop at only cleaning the house- Chances are your car, deck, and lawn are also in need of some serious TLC, so make sure you don't forget to add those areas to your schedule.

Click Here to check out the links mentioned earlier and some extra tips!


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