November 13, 2018 | Craig DeBoor
It is almost that time! Maybe you've been hosting Thanksgiving for years or maybe this is your first time, either way these tips and tricks are sure to include something to help you have a stress-free holiday.
  • Make a million lists
    • Okay so maybe a million is a bit excessive, but do make sure to have a list of all the important detials like dishes you're responsible for, who you will be hosting, what items to pick up at the store, ect.
  • Prepare ahead as much as possible
    • Prep is so important with everything from cooking dishes that will hold over ahead to setting the table the night before. This will leave you feeling in control on the moring of. 
  • Enlist the help of your family when getting the house cleaned
    • There has never been a better time to bribe your children with some time on thier ipad. All jokes aside this will allow them to feel like they are a part of things and free up some of your time. 
  • Let your guests bring something
    • As tempting as it can be to want to put on the whole meal, it will make your guests more comfortable and you won't end up leaving things off because there's no time to make them.
  • Plan your oven time and fridge space
    • Make sure that you have plenty of time for each item that needs the oven to cook, and take the time to plan where each of the cold dishes will fit in the fridge.  * Pro tip- use cooling racks to stack dishes and create extra space.
  • Plan on leftovers 
    • Make sure you have planty of containers to store left overs for yourself, but also pick up some disposables that you can hand out to guests who want to take some home.
  • Plan the meals leading up to THE meal.
    • Make sure you have something easy on hand for breakfast and consider odering out the night before.
  • Enjoy the day
    • Don't let anything dull the day, and  enjoy having your loved ones near. 


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