December 7, 2017 | Craig DeBoor
Needing some inspiration for your home? Trying to nail down the must haves for your next home? Looking for ways to increase the value of a home you're thinking about selling? No worries the DeBoor Group is on it! Just check out our Zillow digs!
Click here to check it out!​​​

Our Zillow digs page is a compilation of ideas we have found and love! Or in other words the things we "dig". It is a lot like Pinterest, but with the convenience of tags showing where you can purchase featured items and  you can search for homes that fit your style.  The page is also where we give our expertise on the area by sharing things to do.

This page is organized by parts of the home to help you easily navigate the digs. For instance if you are looking to upgrade your back patio you can go straight to the outdoors board.  Can't think of anything to do on a Friday night? Jump over to our page, and check out our suggestions.  

The page will be frequently updated, so don't hesitate to check in on it every now and then to keep up on community events and see what the new home trends are.


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