December 12, 2017 | Craig DeBoor
The holidays are near!
 With out a doubt this statement simultaneously brings on feelings of excitement and unfortunately stress. While it can be so exciting to see all of your nearest and dearest, it can also make you feel pressure to get everyone a gift they are crazy about.  When it comes to gifts you want the "giftee" to love the gift before they even open it. Have no fear The DeBoor Group has you covered! We have put together tips and tricks to make your gifts look like something out of a Hallmark movie.

Tip 1. )    Always wrap on a hard, smooth surface to keep the paper tight and wrinkle free.
Tip 2. )   Always use coordinating gift wrap so that all your presents look nice together.   * Gift wrap should also coordinate with ribbon.
Tip 3.)    Consider wrapping gifts that go together in separate boxes and use tape to attach them together for a tower effect.
Tip 4.)   Use gift boxes for awkwardly shaped gifts to avoid a sloppy look.
Tip 5.)   Use various sizes of boxes so that all of your gifts don't look the same. *Available at most craft stores
Tip 6.)   Always measure your outside seam to be at a corner so that it is less obvious.
Tip 7.)   Crease the edges for a sharp, clean look.
Tip 8.)  Use wired ribbon. It is easier to work with and holds its shape.
Tip 9.)  Get creative! Consider wrapping a gift in craft paper then hot gluing pine cones, Christmas ornaments, or greenery to the gift.
Tip 10.) Above all have fun! Turn on some Christmas music, drink hot cocoa, and enjoy the task!

Merry Christmas!



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